Hip Hop Hoop Dance

Photo courtesy of Terrance Littletent

In partnership with the Manitoba Arts Network, Carberry Plains Arts Council provided two school performances of Hip Hop Hoop dance for both RJ Waugh Elementary and Brookdale Elementary schools on Friday December 6th.

Hip Hop Hoop Dance is the story of a meeting between a modern Hip Hop Dancer played by Chancz Perry and a traditional Cree dancer played by Terrance Littletent. The two discover through sharing their respective cultures that they share more similarities than differences.

This theatrical performance is an excellent way for children to become educated and conscious of the spiritual significance defined in the traditional Cree hoop dance. It gives them a context that is important for our community youth to draw from as they grow into our future world leaders.

The students really enjoyed the black light/Ultra violet light element. It was a great way of merging a traditional art form with a medium that has a powerful ability to draw children in.

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Are you interested in this amazing show for your community?

Hip Hop Hoop dance rates are very reasonable! This show is 45 minutes with a 15 minute talk back after the show where students can ask questions about the subject matter or anything to do with the show. I personally loved working with these guys and know you will too.

If interested you can contact Chancz Perry or the Manitoba Arts Network for more booking info!

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