Canada 150 Mural Mosaic

Community Paint Night in Carberry

“Today you are all here together to be a part of something that will make history here in Carberry”

-Phil Alain, Canadian visual artist

On November 9th and 10th 2017, Carberry became a part of the bigger picture that is Canada 150 Mosaic.  If you aren’t yet familiar with the project, it was created in celebration of Canada turning 150 years old.  The objective, to create a mural including all provinces and territories, 150 murals that when united form one gigantic mosaic.

Photo taken by Raegan Dyck

The students hurriedly brought their finished tiles to the table at the front then watched eagerly as artist Paul Lavoie arranged them, and the planned sketch of Carberry’s Mural starts to emerge…

Photo taken by Kirsten Boyce
Tiles coming together

It is an empowering experience for anyone to feel a part of something.  It gives value to your individual efforts and allows a feeling of wholeness that only being united with others can give you.  The creation of this mural by 237 participants, artists Phil Alain and Paul Lavoie is a beautiful expression of the wholeness that exists here in the community of Carberry.

Photo taken by Raegan Dyck

The Mural currently resides in CPR rail park across from the Carberry Municipal office. A commemorative book documenting all the murals created for the Canada 150 Mural project is currently available at book stores across Canada.

A special thanks to Grady Stephenson and the rink staff who came through in our time of need by providing the facilities needed to make this project possible. 

To the amazing community members who donated to this project; The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #153, The Carberry Elks #446, Carberry Chamber of Commerce, Links on Main, Styles and Trends, Reilly’s Home Hardware, Carberry and Area Community Foundation, and all the individuals that bought a tile in support of the students of Carberry Collegiate and RJ Waugh who participated, Carberry Plains Arts Council graciously thanks you.

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