The Carberry Plains Arts Council presents musicians and performers at a variety of events, and in various schools in the North-Cypress Langford region.

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Past Events

The Carberry Plains Arts Council has a variety of annual events that we continue to provide for the community of Carberry.

Senior’s Tea

Carberry Senior's Tea 2019 hosted a performance by singer/songwriter Doug Edmond, who is very comfortable at his electric piano flowing seamlessly from song to banter. Doug draws his audience in with an inviting conversational tone making his performances feel like you're in the living room catching up with an old friend.

Carberry Senior's Tea is presented in partnership with Carberry Service for Seniors. Doug Edmond was presented as part of the Concerts in Care Series through the Manitoba Arts Network.

Funding in support of this event was donated by the Carberry and Area Community Foundation

Youth Engagement Project

New Renaissance performing live, photo credit jsenftphotography
The Carberry Plains Arts Council participates in a youth engagement project in partnership with the Manitoba Arts Network.  This project involves mentoring a group of youth called the Carberry Youth Advisory Council, who work at; planning, promoting, and executing a live musical event in Carberry every spring before graduation. The Carberry Youth Advisory Council's 2019 event featured a performance by Winnipeg's favourite raw and high energy Metal/hard rock band New Renaissance on March 21st, 2019 at Carberry Collegiate Highschool.
This performance was funded by the McCain Foundation. We are very greateful for this support from our local champion!

Speed Control from Yukon NWT performing at Carberry Collegiate funded by the
McCain Foundation
On March 15, 2018 the Carberry Youth Advisory Council organized a performance by Yukon pop-punk power trio Speed Control.  Heralded as youth engagement specialists, Speed Control has played concerts in 400 schools for an upwards of 200,00 students.  They are on the road touring 6-7 months out of the year and frequently appear in showcases and events such as; Atlin Arts and Music festival, National Arts Centre's Northern Scene, and Canadian Music Week in Toronto. They were also finalists for Best Group in CBC's Radio Searchlight competition where their song 'Tent City' was featured.

Upcoming Events

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