Truck Stop

Machine de Cirque performance at Carberry Fairgrounds Monday August 6th, 2018

Machine de Cirque in Carberry M.B!

On the tails of Machine de Cirque’s wild success with their inaugural show the company decided to start working on a project to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.  The story they were eager to tell was about the great expanse of land our country represents, and the different cultures that exist in these regions and landscapes.  The inspiration came from the company’s time spent traveling by car during those first tours across Canada.  The show called Truck Stop kicked off a cross Canada tour starting on the east coast in Dartmouth Nova Scotia on June 20, 2018 making it’s way to Carberry Fairgrounds on Monday August 6th.  

This multi-discipline, large-scale contemporary circus with live musical accompaniment was offered free of charge to 300 spectators from Carberry and surrounding areas. This was made affordable to us with generous support from; New Chapter through Canada Council for the Arts, Entente de Development Cultural through the city of Montreal, Quatour Stomp, CALQ (Quebec Council for the Arts), and Beaudet Fontaine Foundation.

If you’re interested in having Machine de Cirque in your community check out their Website

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