Melissa Parayeski-Day’s Pandemic Art

Artist Statement: Melissa Parayeski-Day

I’ve always loved making art. The freedom to express what ever I wanted at any given time was freeing! I use to do a lot of commission work in the past but have slowed down that part of my life but every so often I will still do a requested piece.

I’ve been dealing with a good handful of health issues these days, it’s been years of learning to manage these things that effect my life. Lupus has effected so much of my abilities. It has shown up in my life in many ways. Connective tissue problems, raynauds, organ pains/issues, brain fog, ups and downs in mood, severe pain all over my body, in my muscles, skin and bones! The list goes on. It’s been years of fighting with it and trying to manage motherhood, work life, social and home life.

Finding I was being robbed of so much and having to pick and choose what to do on a daily basis. I fought as hard as I could and realized that my quality of life was getting worse and something had to change. I am now a retired woman. My health has forced me into an early retirement, I have been relived but also saddened because I know I could have done so much more but just couldn’t.

I was also diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor, in which we keep an eye on. It was devastating finding out at first but I have learned to live with it and realizing we have it under control. I try not to have fear with it and keep moving forward. So far so good but I do have my moments.

This is where my painting has helped me. It’s given me a positive outlet, it always has but it means so much more to me these days. I have worked on bettering my skills, putting more of “me” into my work. Like my dreams, my emotions, my likes and influences. Painting keeps me happy and it helps me focus on what I find good and beautiful in this world and in my life.

This painting was done on a pretty large canvas, a 24″ x 36″. I absolutely love space images, even though it’s not as bright or colorful in “real” images, it’s amazing to see the mystery of it all being brought to life with depths of added color! This is one of my favorite paintings I’ve done of Andromeda. Who doesn’t love the stars? Another great inspiration of mine.

“I see You” I just had to paint this. Some things just get stuck in my head and need to come out on canvas. The colors absolutely hurt my eyes and made it hard to paint. These are my favorite colors, (I do love all colors but these are the ones I gravitate more towards) but together they have a different effect! I used a picture of my own eye in this one.The triangle, it’s foundations are strong and has many meanings to it and so do the colors! 

I loved painting this one! It came to me while listening to one of my favorite songs. The images just kept coming to me and this was the end result. I find it to be strange and beautiful.

This is an example of when I paint something that I’m not 100% happy with, it gets a bit of a make over. It started off as a black and white painted baby image to this finished piece! I just went with what I felt creating this one! Not over thinking it and just doing it. Every painting does speak a thousand words though.

This is a fun one I’ve painted lately. I love the contrast of the honey bee and the backround. Honey bees are such amazing little creatures and this is my little tribute to them.