Wasp Odyssey

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Wasp Odyssey is an episodic series created by media artist and musician Vov Abraxas. This socially aware piece covertly tackles issues such as; normalcy bias, befriending people who are poison, Fear vs. walking in to the line of fire. 

The captain and crew of the Wasp encounter a mysterious shell that appears on board the ship, mayhem ensues as the captain is forced to confront the eye that watches with the help of his magic horse.

Vox Abraxas has been programming music and playing live shows for 12 years, he recently started merging into media inspired by the political climate brought to the surface by this pandemic.  He has also released an album for his project called Lonely Sea Monster called Archipelago and is currently working on a Lonely Sea Monster Christmas album.

The Mysterious Shell- what does it hold?
The Eye that Watches.
Everyone is counting on You Captain!
The Connection.
Strength at the Temple
Ask the Question
A Way Forward
Marooned in the Darkness
one escape pod deployed….